Madeleine Levins | Voice Actor & Narrator

My name is Madeleine Levins, I’m a Voice Actor & Narrator based in Sydney, Australia. I was born in Sydney and have lived here my whole life. Australian’s have a knack for exploring their backyard or “not so backyard” – so I’ve spent a fair bit of time backpacking around Europe & Asia and spending many months abroad studying acting & voice acting in the US, primarily in LA (various coaches/schools) & New York (Atlantic Acting School).

I’ve been a professional voice actor for 8 years now and am repped by EM voices in Australia. I’ve voiced major TV Commercials for brands such as Soda Stream US, Lexus, Genesis, Starbucks, Streets Magnum and many more. I’m also the promo voice for several Australian channels including MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jnr, Comedy Channel Australia and the Country Music Channel. I also am the New Zealand Promo Voice for BBC UK TV New Zealand.

I’m the voice of fan favourite and supporting lead ‘Yuko’ in the 2022 US animated fantasy film ‘Mia & Me – The Hero of Centopia‘. I’m also a BIG audiobooks listener and was thrilled to add narrator to my skill set – voicing Turia Pitt’s audiobook, ‘Happy & Other Ridiculous Aspirations’ and Katerina Gibson’s ‘Women I Know‘. I really enjoy using accents and voicing different characters and tell a story.

My native accent is Australian, but I can also do the New Zealand accent, General American, Various UK accents including Estuary English, RP, Northern English, Cockney, Irish and Scottish.

When I’m not in the booth, you can catch me long distance running and trail running, reading fantasy, or freelancing as a producer in the Sydney Commercial industry.

I’d love to work with you – if we’re not able to work together in a Sydney studio, I have a sound treated home studio with a Rode NT1 Mic and Scarlett Solo. I also use Adobe Audition and have Source Connect for live directed sessions. I’m also able to be directed over the phone, via Zoom, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams and so on.

Check out some of my work below.

Madeleine Levins Australian Commercial Reel

Madeleine Levins US Commercial Reel

Madeleine Levins NZ Commercial Reel

Madeleine Levins Promo Reel

Madeleine Levins Corporate Reel

Madeleine Levins Audiobook Sample

Madeleine Levins | Aus Accent | All Star Mile 2023 Racing Victoria
Madeleine Levins | US Accent | SodaStream US
Madeleine Levins | Aus Accent | Schick Intuition
Madeleine Levins | Aus Accent | Hills Petfood
Madeleine Levins | Northern English Accent | eHarmony
Madeleine Levins | Aus Accent | Telfast Australia
Madeleine Levins | Aus Accent | Streets Magnum
Madeleine Levins | Aus Accent | AirBnb Corporate
Madeleine Levins | Aus Accent | Lexus
Madeleine Levins | Aus Accent | Dept of Education Corporate
Madeleine Levins | Aus Accent | Welcome Merchant Corporate